“Captain Ken,The tire is a flat tire,And has a tire central inflation and deflation adjustment system,Meet the requirements;”

“Captain Ken,Wading depth780mm,Exceeds the standard20mm……”
“Captain Ken,Horsepower machine test results,Engine power is110kilowatt,Equipped with a three-speed automatic transmission and a full-time four-wheel drive system,Meet the requirements……”
With the results of various static tests, Captain Dawkin’s hands are successively collected,Captain Ken’s expression is getting more and more happy,Big hand wave:“Wai Rui Good,Start dynamic test,”
Lieutenant Hanks doesn’t matter,Static testing doesn’t show much,A military vehicle,Not there to watch,But to go to the battlefield,Whether it can pass the following dynamic and even simulated battlefield conditions is the most important,anyway,Not only did the Ford Motor family be shaken down during the static test phase,Have to be revised?。
The results of the basic dynamic test of the vehicle still made Captain Ken very satisfied,hummerRoad speed reached113Kilometers per hour,Far beyondHMMVproject105Kilometers per hour,Maximum stroke480km,Also exceeded450Kilometer requirements;As for load performance、Full load off-road performance、Climbing performance、Cross slope……Basic dynamic test,hummerAll exceed the requirements at least10%Passed the test。
“I have a hunch,Although the test has not been completed,But I think this big guy is likely to pass all the tests,”After completing the basic dynamic test、When you start to enter the second-order test,Captain Ken said to his men:“guys,to be frank,I have fallen in love with this big guy,I hope our soldiers can travel around the world in this car,I’m fed up damn itM151。”
A group of Captain Ken’s men nodded their heads.,RighthummerAfter testing,They’re fed up too damn itM151……Nothing else,Only in terms of comfort,Compared with the front and rear hard shafts plus leaf springs、Hard like a rockM151,Adopt front and rear doubleAIndependent arm suspension plus coil springhummer,hummerexceedM151More than ten streets!
Just as Captain Ken played on the test table“√”more and more,Lieutenant Hanks’s face is getting worse,The result of the test exceeded his imagination,Who can think of it,A refitting factory with no experience in vehicle development,The military vehicle built is even better than the Ford、Chrysler、General Motors These established automakers who have built cars for decades have superior performance.?
Really hell!
“Is Mr. Fernandez??”
“it’s me,May I ask you are……”Although Miss Aniston has told herself that this call is from Building Five,But for the purpose of the Pentagon’s call,Chen Geng is still a little nervous。
“Hello mr fernandez,I am the Ministry of DefenseHMMVColonel Kenneth,”Nobody is messy,Didn’t play with Chen Geng“you guess,you guess,Guess guess”game,He clearly stated his identity and the reason for the call:“That’s it,In five months、total32000Km test,Your Fernandez companyhummerPassed all test items,The outstanding performance left a deep impression on us,My purpose of calling you,On behalf of the Ministry of National Defense,The Ministry of Defense wants to sign a value with you60Ten thousand U.S. dollars、total12Of different types and body structureshummerTest contract,Do you have time to come to the Pentagon to sign the contract in the last week??”