Month: May 2021


The Prime Minister frowned slightly,Winked at the secretary beside him。

The latter knows,Back now,Walked out of the meeting room from the side door。 “Marshal Hu is on his way,Please wait a moment。”The Prime Minister smiled slightly,Said。 “Old man Hu is not good at it,The shelf is not small!it is good,We just wait for him!”Tie Qin Guozheng makes Yingfan proudly。 The people of Tie Qin State […]

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Two old people cook and chop wood in silence,And their son,Miss is immersed in sweet love。

But there is something very embarrassing。 Some people with dead skinned faces just came to the woman’s room after night,Before the other party can react。 “you……” “Hush,Be quiet,You want the two elders to hear!” Murong Qianxue speechless。 People are warriors who ask the gods,Will not hear their conversation? of course,This will show Xia Chenglong’s shrewd […]

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Get!Even if you pay a few dollars,Unwilling to act as a fool。

Hu Yang reached out to the stall owner:“boss,I buy this,Me and this uncle give thirty,how about it?” Ge Pingping was taken aback with the stall owner,But have to say,This is a good choice,Happy。 The stall owner cleared out the two things as expected,Ge averaged five yuan cheaper to win the bronze Buddha statue,Hu Yang also […]

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Even surpassed the teacher,So Bai Chen also has a very headache,But at the same time very proud。”

Xiao Fan nodded in satisfaction,If so, that would be great,But I still hope that if there is a chance, everyone can come out and get together again,After all, they have been a very good relationship for so many years。 And get together often,Everyone is like a big happy family,I have always hoped that this big […]

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Xiao Fan doesn’t really care about these,He didn’t care about it at all,Xiao Fan has too many things to pay attention to,Need to remember more,He won’t waste time memorizing these useless things。

Lin Feng is fine,No different from usual,Let Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner wash their hands and eat with a smile,Xiao Fan smiled and said okay with Lin Yoona,Liu Chunlan just smiled。 While eating,Lin Feng talked with Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner about work,Liu Chunlan didn’t say much,But it feels less embarrassing,Just eat quietly。 Xiao Fan […]

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Early next morning,Chen Wenjin confirmed the stock to buy,Before the market closed。

He placed an order with Wang Shuai,Ready to go,The head of the securities department suddenly came。 Mysteriously, someone wants to invite Chen Wenjin to dinner。 When Wang Shuai heard it, he suspected that he had come here,Said without a smile:“Who?” Chen Wenjin immediately guessed the situation,Just say:“No need to eat,I do not know him、Don’t know […]

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of course,Since the shot was fired,Zhou Mian and Li Zhenyu who are guarding outside will naturally not be indifferent。

“Call support.disperse the crowd!” At this time, the agents fired, which meant that things were out of control。 “I said that Qin Feng will definitely do bad things,Let us wait.Otherwise, I would have been a mess!”Li Zhenyu is still very dissatisfied。 of course,At this time he rushed to the scene with all his strength,At the […]

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The reporter interviewed was speechless,Sweating is equated with steaming medicated bath,This is too fake, right?,But obviously,The old man agrees with this explanation。

The old man continued:“After the second course of treatment,They said there is a third course,This third course is a consolidation course,After eating the third course,Waist bulge will be completely cured。” “I thought about it,Ate both treatments,If you don’t take this third course,Then the food we ate before is wasted,Grit your teeth,I bought the third course。” […]

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“Hello,Little Vicious Dog!”

Xiang Chen swaggered towards the mansion behind Li Chengen,Mo Mo naturally didn’t have to stay at the door。When I passed Li Chengen,I also followed Xiang Chen’s way and touched Li Chengen’s head,I’m afraid Li Chengen doesn’t understand what’s going on,Mo Mo is still learning the appearance of a little milk dog,Called to Li Chengen。 “Surname,You […]

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The spectators around were talking,Say everything。

And once Zhang Bo tears up such a sensitive topic in public,It’s equivalent to tearing off Ming’s fig leaf,There is no reason for everyone not to talk。 “This person is amazing!Whether he wins or loses in the end,I think,Just by this courage,This person is worth dating。”Xu Liang mixed in the crowd,Tsk Tsk Wonder Road。 Xu […]

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