Month: June 2021


But what does Qin Feng want to do,yellow

Long Wen can only support,His only power as the village chief,That can be reflected here too? Don’t say rich,Even without money,Those people are also guarding here。 of course,Some workers have also joined in。 If you really catch some people,That can also make a fortune。 It’s just what fate will be for those caught,They don’t care […]

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After Wei Ying spotted Su Xiaoli,Dodge directly and quickly。After hearing Su Xiaoli’s words,She is also considering her own gains and losses。

This battle is a single victory,In other words,There can only be one winner。 If she wants to join forces with Su Xiaoli,It is very likely that Su Xiaoli will be scammed,And if you don’t join forces with Su Xiaoli,She is not sure that she can kill Wu Ji Yi directly。 At this time, Wu Jiyi […]

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“Mr. Ji Hu,You are telling the truth,We are also confident in the future of Menglin Group,Otherwise, I won’t waste time sitting here。but,Before discussing capital injection,I want to ask a question first,Do you know why Menglin Group has come to where it is today??”

Jiang Qizhi’s sudden trouble,All the people present could not help but straighten their backs,High concentration。 Uncle Jihu is not afraid,Lightly:“Shi Ye,Yunya!of course,It has something to do with those jealous betrayers.!” Jiang Qi shook his head again and again,Smiled disdainfully:“wrong!This is not a decision of fate,This is the long-destined ending。The so-called people who know the current […]

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This is unreasonable!

suddenly,When He Sinan’s eyes collided with that of Young Master He Zhinan in mid-air.,Suddenly,He understood everything from the other side’s gloomy smile。 He Zhinan He Gongzi deliberately wanted to disturb this auction,He can call out an inflated price,Scare away those who really want to buy,As for taking that Tai Sui,He can drag on without paying,Big […]

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“That uncle,5000Tons of gold,Nearly converted into U.S. dollars700One hundred million U.S. dollars,Who has the strength to buy so much gold at once?”Asked chubby face in surprise。

“I don’t know this。”Qiao Dahua shook his head and said。 “The business of physical gold trading,Buyers generally don’t show up,Otherwise, someone will know who bought so much gold,Unidentified Lu Fu,Are you uncomfortable??” “Oh oh,Also。”The chubby face nodded and agreed。 “Haha,alright,Let alone others,Let’s go to the place,children,Get off!” Talking room,Business class has been parked in front […]

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“Hmmm,Ok,Xiao Fan,Then be careful on the way!”Liu Chunlan hung up after finishing talking。

“how,Xiao Fan’s work is over?”Liu Chunlan hung up the phone,Lin Feng asked on the other side。 “Uh uh,To say that Xiao Fan is really good,Before,I really misunderstood him,Gave him so much grievance。”Liu Chunlan said with emotion。 “Hum!Just know!”Lin Feng shook off the newspaper in his hand,Then he straightened his gold-rimmed glasses and said。 “OK,OK,I know,Am […]

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This voice is the voice of the person just now,In fact, that person can communicate with Xia Chenglong early in the morning。

But that person has always been very afraid of communicating with Xia Chenglong,He will expel himself after the exchange。 Not to mention,For such a long time,The disguise of that person is really good。 But today that person was found,So I won’t hide it anymore,After all, for such a long time,That person didn’t even say a […]

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Xiao Xiao fantasizes,Feel pretty good……

suddenly,Xiao Xiao’s phone rang。 She saw the number,Can’t help but smile and say:“Oops,The alarm has been exposed!” Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing,Xiao Xiao is thinking about the dream she just had,Broke so soon,Can’t help but feel funny,Laughed for a while,Just answered the phone。“Hello there……Ok,Yes,I called the police just now……Ok,Ok,See you soon。” “Take notes,Ok,Let me talk […]

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Blood Rose’s eyes narrowed into a slit,Looking straight at the lone wolf:“enough,It seems that my blood rose has a good temper,Now everyone dared to run wild on my land!”

After all, they are still in this golden triangle,After all, he is a person on the rivers and lakes,There are two types of people who are most difficult to mix in this arena,One is a woman,One is a child! And Rose can be mixed to the present level with a female generation,How powerful is the […]

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“The methods of the technological plane are weird and unpredictable,If it weren’t for the strongest person in the world of immortal cultivation,,A large formation covering the entire world was arranged in advance。”

“I am afraid,The world of immortality on that side was under the first wave of attacks by those tens of millions of technological warships,Will lose a lot。” “That big battle,But I still remember it。” Zhang Chulan said in a leisurely tone,The original live broadcast,But it greatly increased his horizons,The battle between the way of technology […]

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