And there is still the old village yelling constantly,Said it was magic just now,Nothing great,Encouraging everyone to join together。

Seeing the situation become dangerous again,They clenched their fists one after another,I couldn’t help but sweat for Lu Menglin who was in the front。
Lu Menglin alone,Facing the crowd coming from all directions like a tide,Slightly in my heart。
He knows very well,The more this critical moment is,The more you have to keep your breath,Don’t show up,If I let off my momentum,,I’m sure everyone will be beaten as a pig。
suddenly,Lu Menglin’s eyes gleam slightly,In mind。
Someone hiding in the crowd quickly exchanged glances with Lu Menglin,Suddenly quickened the pace,More and more,Rushed towards Lu Menglin。
“I don’t believe you have qigong,There is a kind of power to hit me!”This man is fast,Rushed to the forefront,Big side
Shout,While welcoming Lu Menglin, rushing。
A group of villagers see someone willing to pick their heads,All can’t help but slow down,I want to see the reaction of the little qigong master。
What came out was a small black and thin man,Looks like he’s only fifteen or sixteen years old,It’s the stunned green who is not afraid of the sky。
He is wearing an old beige sweater,The collar has been washed white,The lower body is a pair of dirty black sweatpants,The look looks like the little guys in the village。
Anyway, Liufang’s children won’t dress so dirty,Plus he rushed out of the villagers again,So almost everyone takes it for granted,He is also a young man in the village。
Lu Menglin still looks like an expert,Wait for the black and thin boy to rush to the front,Then he shook his head with disdain,Gently pointed out。
Everyone on the whole street saw it really,The thin black boy in an old beige sweater,Suddenly it seemed as if he had been caught,The whole person is nailed in place,like a statue。
Next moment,The black and thin boy let out a miserable howl,Then she rolled her belly crazily on the ground。