“You people will only be grandstanding,Does not have the matching strength。This year’sEOVContest champion,Will only belong to me, Kim Jong-hui!Because i’m so good,best of all!unbeatable!”The Captain Kim Jong-hui was talking,Open arms on one side,Hug to the sky,And a sense of intoxication。

“This guy feels too good about himself, right?!”Including Lu Menglin,Almost all onlookers have this weird feeling。
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text Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Six Pre-match preparation
? To know,Children from Team Menglin,But all the way to this,Never failed,Why does he say that?Did he just win the green bamboo team??
Fortunately, the members of Team Qingzhu have left early,Otherwise see this scene,Maybe even more excited,Because their opponent is too arrogant。
“Hey,That one.Friends from Korea,If you are so confident,Will we be a character in the end??”
Just when everyone was a little bit dumbfounded by this arrogant Kim Jong-hui,Someone’s voice rang across。
The person who speaks is Lu Menglin,He smiled and said to the other party。
The audience was dumbfounded,Because this guy’s expression is so natural,This isEOVBig contest!It’s not the arcade shop in front of their house,How can he make a character so easy?
“Okay?”Lu Menglin even cast a wink at the other party,Asked with a smile。
“These Chinese people are really scornful!”
“I am embarrassed to say this,So shameless!”Behind him came the ridicule of members of the Golden Sun team。
“No way!Of course not!”Jin Jonghui replied abruptly,The disgust on his face is stronger。
“Can’t you say a fart!Squirting in front of others,Are you a dog?Who agreed with you?Go away if it’s no good,Good dog is not in the way,Understand?Go away!Don’t pollute my ears here!”Lu Menglin changed his face instantly,Viciously blurted out。