“I owe a beating?I’m not troubles?You think you don’t have to worry if you have money?My father hates Japanese,Lexus,You know why?He relies on the money-making God of Wealth like Lexus,He has to pretend to like it,I have to pretend to burn incense regularly!”Di is a little annoyed here,Drink a soda,The tone is full of emotion:“To inherit the family business is to be a grandson,I want to be an official!Because the rich are their ATMs!The car is bought by others、They drive!You are looking for a woman,You bought the house,Enjoyment is theirs!Sending someone to call you to accompany you,Others play cards to win money,You go to play cards to try to lose money!Have to lose to the right person,Enter the correct number!”

Abao has never seen Di such a strong emotion,Said quickly:“Count me wrong,Don’t be so excited!”
“Don’t say I don’t want to inherit this kind of family business,My dad doesn’t want me to inherit!What he said most is,He will make more money as a grandson in this life and keep it for me,As long as I don’t live like him in my life, I’m worthy of him!”Di finished,Ask favors:“Ask me,Her dad does engineering,Does her dad want her to inherit the family business?Does she want to inherit the family business?”
“I don’t know anything about my dad’s business,But he wants me to study hard,It’s better to enter the system in the future。”Hui obviously doesn’t want to talk too much,But also answered Di’s question。
“Don’t understand you,It’s not good to be a grandson?I would definitely be willing if I had this opportunity,You guys are thinking about doing work that doesn’t have much money。”Abao doesn’t understand,He feels that no money is naturally inferior,From relatives、neighbor、Classmate to friend,Will use money as a measure。
Chen Wenjin thought,In the future system,There are many people with good backgrounds in stable positions such as state-owned enterprises,Probably for a reason。The previous generation had some money but it was not easy to make money,Will cause their children to be particularly concerned about the issue of living with dignity;Those with poor family backgrounds mainly use money as their career direction;The disgust in the system is bound to finance、Run in the sea……
Reincarnation,Behind it is the lack of what to pursue,It’s also the boring psychology of human nature’s aversion to understanding life patterns。
But the descendants of the scholarly family are often Kochi,Because if the qualifications are not bad,Long-lasting influence in the atmosphere,From history and many texts,Have seen the pros and cons of various lifestyles,No need to experience。
These ones,It is also a mixed manifestation of the five major needs of human nature。
“You won’t think so when you have money。”Dee is sure,A Bao said disapprovingly:“Let’s talk about it when I have money。”
Lin listening,Suddenly looking at Chen Wenjinwen:“What dreams does gold have?”
Hui is a little surprised,Looking at Lin,Immediately looked at Chen Wenjin,Smiled and answered for him:“His dream is to do whatever he wants in his life。”
“So headstrong?”Lin was surprised,But smiled。
“It turns out that the most greedy is gold!”Di never thought of it,Because that’s impossible。
“I want it too!So I like money!”Abao thinks that if you have money, you can do whatever you want。
‘Yes,This is my previous dream……think carefully,I have been pursuing this dream,It’s just that most of the things I want to do are too simple。’Chen Wenjin thinks he is his first girlfriend,Of course know his pursuit。