This old man’s exit,I heard that most of the people present were confused,Clouds and mists are not clear。

That young man is obviously of a weak age,How come Elder Li turned into an old man?Is this honorific?Or for other reasons?
Boss Hu was frightened and angry,He finally knew that he would lift a rock and hit himself in the foot,I slapped my horse on the leg,That Kung Fu boy is probably with FourteenKHave an indescribable relationship,Otherwise fourteenKNever defend each other like this。
At this moment,The two Thai warlords who stood with the Vietnamese gang finally couldn’t help it.。
One of the warlords said in a low voice:“You fourteenKwhat’s going on?Hu Mingming was beaten because he spoke for you,Why are you fucking him!”
To know,These two Thai warlords often walk around Hong Kong Island,Can be considered a powerful,Their position in the arena,And fourteenKThe big dragon head is almost the same,It’s a little bit higher than Elder Li。
If not necessary,Even if it is fourteenKSuch a big club,I won’t be embarrassed with these two,So since they spoke,Speak for the Vietnamese,Then
fourteenKYou must give a reasonable explanation。
really,Elder Li sneered twice,Slowly retracted the knife,Loudly:“Open your dog eyes and show me clearly,This little gentleman is a person who even the leaders of our four major societies must respect。”
“Just rely on a Vietnamese gang,Don’t even have the qualifications to know him,I dare to say that I want to deal with Mr.!As long as you dare to act rashly,Mr. is missing half a vellus hair,Our four major associations will join forces to eradicate the Vietnamese gang!Did you hear clearly?”
This remark,Although he didn’t directly identify Lu Menglin’s identity,But his attitude couldn’t be more clear。
“what?”Everyone in the Vietnamese gang exclaimed,Boss Hu was so scared that his feet softened,Sat directly on the floor,I almost peeed my pants。
The two Thai warlords heard Elder Li say so exaggerated,While frowning,I closed my mouth tightly,Refuse to say more。
Take this fourteenKElder Li’s status,Definitely won’t be empty mouth and white teeth,Nonsense,And these news have always been exchanged among the major organizations,Easy to verify。
It turns out that this person turned out to be a big person who even the big leaders of the four major societies respect,These words came from Elder Li,It makes Lu Menglin’s identity appear extremely mysterious in the eyes of others,Unfathomable。
And look at these senior figures in the four major societies,Everyone is calm,It also indirectly proves that what Elder Li said is not a lie。
A young man with a stunt,Identity background is so mysterious,Like the tip of the iceberg,Although only scale claws are currently exposed,But it’s enough to make people present endless reverie。
For a time,The eyes of everyone present fell on Lu Menglin’s body。