The law enforcement officer did not personally search,But walked inside the house of cherry blossom view,Look around。

He looked at his brothers,Almost searched the entire martial arts hall,Did not find anything worthy of evidence.
So frowned,Thought,“Is the message given above wrong,It stands to reason that the intelligence cannot be wrong,There must be nowhere to be found。”
The captain of the law enforcement officer walked all the way in,Found the old fox’s room inside,So he winked at the brother behind him。
After several people received orders from their boss,Hurried up,Knocked on the old curator’s door,And said to it,“We need to search all the things in this house,Please open us to cooperate with our search。”
Originally the old fox was still thinking inside,This must be caused by Qin Feng’s bastard again,I’m still wondering if I’m showing off,Let Qin Feng discover。
But after thinking about it for a while,I find that I have gone through every step
Budget,After Qin Feng finds no evidence,I felt relieved a little bit。
After hearing the sound outside the door,The old curator frowned,But still stood up,Walked over and opened the door,Said to them,“Gentlemen, please hurry up and search,Elderly, my health is not good and I need to rest。”
“But we good people have lived here for so many years,Never cause trouble,If nothing is found,I’m afraid it will be difficult for you, Mr. Law Enforcer,And we good folks explained。”
The old fox stared at the law enforcement captain with his dead fish eyes,Threatened him coldly。
The old butler thought that these law enforcement officers were just taking advantage of Qin Feng to do things for him,Trouble for cherry blossom viewing,So I thought of threatening them too,So they dare not be so arrogant。
Unexpectedly, after the law enforcement captain listened,But he said with a sneer,“Don’t do anything wrong,Not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door,If the curator, you didn’t do anything shameful,We won’t wrong you,Director, don’t worry。”
Speaking of the law enforcement captain, he patted the old curator on the shoulder,Smile unclearly。
After the old curator saw the smile of the law enforcement captain,There was a thud in my heart,Doesn’t seem right。
But before he can think of anything,The law enforcement officer who was searching inside had already exclaimed。
“Boss!Something is wrong!”The law enforcement officer walked up to their boss with a big bag of something。
After the old fox heard the sound,Turn around and check,At first glance, my eyes are splitting,Beyond shock。
“This……This……This……”The old fox yelled unconsciously。
What does he want to say,But he stopped。Can’t help thinking,“Isn’t this something I told people to hide in the dark room??How would it appear here?”