Lu Menglin pondered slightly,Reached out and touched behind Bei Gongwang,Figured out the ruling,Then he threw it beside Bei Gongya with a clang。

“Bei Gongwang sold you,Miss Mu saved your life,It’s that simple!Bei Gongwang is in something wrong now,I guess it won’t be better,Let’s send him back for business,Everything you look at Beigong from now on is yours!what do you think?”
Bei Gongya heard these words,All of a sudden,I almost closed my breath again。
At last he still has some concentration,Eyes widened suddenly,Staring at the one who is talking first,Then his gaze returned to Bei Gongwang’s face。
Cousin Bei Gong didn’t dare to look at him at all,Turn your face aside,Take the initiative to take two steps back,I just squatted down。
Bei Gongya felt like this,Got an idea!
He knows too much about his cousin Bei Gongwang,There must be a problem,If it’s still Beigongwang,Definitely not what it looks like right now。
Is it,I really have a chance to become a leader?Bei Gongya never dreamed,I have the opportunity to replace the Tianjiao Beigongwang of the Beigong family,But they even threw Bei Gongwang’s verdict before him,Can I refuse it??
“Miss Mu,This,What does it mean?”Beigongya still want to pretend,But the corners of the grinning mouth,I can’t hide the smile on my face anymore。
Mu Feiyan nodded,Tao:“What Brother Lu said,What i mean!”
“Bei Gongwang was hit by the real body of the bull demon king,Became like this,It seems difficult to recover。Brother Ya desperately brought his cousin back to the family,This kindness,Little girl admires,Willing to befriend Ya brother,Alliance to advance and retreat。”
Mu Feiyan does not need to remind Lu Menglin,Take the initiative to say。
Bei Gongya’s eyes flickered,Nodding,Teeth:“Miss Mu and this brother Lu were saved,I am willing to form an alliance with the two,Miss Wei is watching,Everything depends on your arrangement。but,Several elders in my Beigong clan have always preferred Beigongwang,We need to make it right,Don’t let the elders doubt。”
Bei Gongya’s remarks,Attitude is already obvious。