If I didn’t see it myself,He doesn’t believe anything,This useless Xiao Fan will actually transfer two million to himself。

Seeing Liu Neng’s excitement,Xiao Fan also smiled and asked:“Grandpa,You should believe it now!”
Liu Neng was excited and looked at the text messages in his hand again,Then he raised his head and said to Xiao Fan:“Xiao Fan,Yoona, this girl,Do you usually give you so much money??”
Xiao Fan really admires Liu Neng’s brain circuit at this time,at this time,Asking my own question turned out to be such a question。
This person really can’t think about him in a normal way.?
“This one,Grandpa, if you confirm that you have received the money,So does this mean that our investment has officially started??”Xiao Fan asked with a smile。
“when.Of course。”Liu Neng stammered suddenly。
“Well,In that case,Next, I’m waiting for Grandpa, you will return the income to us.!”
“when.Of course!”
“that,Grandpa,You have now confirmed that you have received the two million I want to invest,is not it?”Xiao Fan asked tirelessly。
“Yes indeed,I did receive it,What’s wrong?”Liu Neng suddenly became impatient,Xiao Fan will not transfer the two million,Turn yourself into a fool,this problem,I’m afraid he doesn’t remember asking it several times, right。
“No,I want to say,Now that we have invested the money,Then we have to have a receipt or something,After all, these two million don’t say much,Say less,We are so empty,It’s not like that, is it??”Xiao Fan said。
“that.What do you want?”Liu Neng asked with some guilty conscience。
“Oh,Nothing,I just want a guarantee from a grandpa。”Xiao Fan said。
“What guarantee?”
“It’s okay,Grandpa, when you were just now,Haven’t I already said it??As long as you agree that the money I invested has been in your hands。”After Xiao Fan finished speaking, he held up his mobile phone to Liu Neng。