Obviously, the purgers and the like are nothing more than pawns.,It just made him capsize in the gutter。

After this failure, Qin Feng of course also began to re-examine himself,It also takes a period of precipitation。At least now he can’t compete,Still need to recruit more helpers。
And now Luo Cheng asked him to expand the power of the society to the entireAcity,This is naturally a good step forward。
The premise is that this time Qin Feng can solve the two purges。
“Arrived,In the park in front。”
“I go,Hide in the park?A lot of passersby?Not afraid of hurting the innocent?”
When Zhou Mian brought Qin Feng to the gate of Beixiong Park,Qin Feng was a little surprised。to be frank,Although he is also a murderous master,But rarely hurt the innocent。
Besides, didn’t you see an aunt dancing the square dance in the park square??If they really fight,How big is the impact?
“There is no way,The goal is to choose to stay in a crowded place without leaving。”Zhou Mian is not talking,But a scumbag uncle。
“Introduce you,This one is Li Zhenyu, the official detective captain of Beixiong City,Now his detective team is monitoring the two target people。”Zhou Mian said。
They are really agents?
“Didn’t you find any other suspicious persons??Qin Feng was afraid this was a trap set by the two。”
Wen Yan Li Zhenyu frowned,“There can be no other suspects。There are some elderly people who come to the park to hang out and do sports,Few young people,What traps can they set?”
Qin Feng is not in a hurry,Keep asking,“Where did the Luo brothers fight with them before??”
“This is the park!”
“So arrogant?Can’t leave after playing?What about Luo Cheng’s body??”
“Not clear,Seems to be buried by them。After all, there are some empty places in the park,There were not many people at the time,We don’t have time to support when they fight.”
The more Qin Feng listened, the more he felt that things were out of control.。